Gemalto SafeNet ProtectV 2.0

SafeNet ProtectV by Gemalto is an elegant solution to these issues, as it applies complete end-to-end encryption to..

The sky’s the limit!

It's not just construction site workers, inspection teams and site managers who are taking advantage of mobile devices and the..


Choose your partners

Nearly four-fifths of all data centre traffic will be Cloud-based by 2019 according to some predictions, fuelled by a growing..

Automating the IT production line

Finding ways to reduce costs while continuing to offer excellent products and services is the eternal business challenge. To help..

Pressure sensitive?

The flood of digital content, internet traffic, Big Data and eCommerce has had a dramatic effect on data centres in..

Trust issues

Driven by a range of benefits from enhanced scalability to cost reduction to ubiquitous access to applications, the migration of..

Keeping up the standard

More and more organisations are looking to move to cloud to benefit from scalability, cost reduction and the ability..

Private functions

Private cloud is now nearly ubiquitous in large companies - it is the most popular cloud type for mission-critical..

A Symbiotic Relationship

There is no question that the rapid growth of cloud is shaking up the colocation industry. However, the relationship between..

May Cloud security be with you

The Cloud gives an enterprise power, flexibility, scale and control. It's an enormous set of computing power created by..

The cloud needn't be grey

The driving forces behind a move to cloud computing can vary immensely. Some research carried out last year shows..

Take your partners

As businesses continue to look to disruptive innovation to induce growth, the pressure of faster, better and cheaper software..

Pulling together

Gartner predicts that cloud office systems will account for 33 per cent of the overall office market by 2017...

A picture of health?

The landscape of healthcare in the UK has changed dramatically over the last few years. This is not only..

Time for a reality check?

On the face of it, the cloud is undeniably good for business. Scalability, low cost, ubiquity and outsourced management..

Start me up

Everyone is talking about how cloud computing can bring significant benefits to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). It allows..

EU Confidential

In around six months' time, all being well, the European Parliament, Council and Commission will complete the Trilogue meetings..

Cloud: reset, plan and manage

On the face of it, the cloud is undeniably good for business. Scalability, low cost, ubiquity and outsourced management of..

Escaping the 'print trap'

Today, the pressure on organisations of all types to cut costs is greater than ever. At the same time, these..

Priming your cloud for success

In an effort to capitalise on the benefits of cloud computing, early adopters turned to multiple cloud vendors to satisfy..

Securing the cloud

A wide range of crucial business applications ranging from storage and backup through to project management and CRM are..

Big Data, big decisions

The systematic analysis of corporate data to find and gain a competitive edge is not exactly a new phenomenon...

The long arm of the law

In December 2013 a Magistrate Judge in the State District of New York signed a search warrant for the..

Hybrid: the 'best-fit' strategy

Cloud computing is here to stay. Businesses around the world are enhancing scalability and agility by adopting mobile and..


Making the right move

Founded by IT professionals with over 10 years' experience in hosted Cloud Services, Just Computing specialises in providing bespoke..

The Cloud Hosting Awards 2016

The secret is out: after much planning and feedback from our readers and the industry, Cloud Hosting magazine is this..

Two new cloud apps from KYOCERA

Cloud Print provides a direct connection to Google Cloud Print, Google Docs and Google Apps, and enables integration with..

Cheers to Navisite!

Established in 2000 under Sir Richard Branson's Virgin branding, Virgin Wines was acquired in 2005 by Direct Wines. In 2013..